Can Fibro Go Into Remission?

For the last month, I have had minimal Fibro pain.  I have, however, been plagued with an intense migraine headache.  I say “headache” because it just never seems to end.  I went to the doctor, she ordered an MRI.  The MRI didn’t show anything unusual.  I am taking Topamax® and it seems to help as long as I don’t have a lot of stress.

One thing I am wondering is, did the Fibro pain go to the background when the migraine started?  Seems like when I have the migraine pain, I don’t experience any Fibro pain.  I don’t know if the two are related, but I don’t know which is worse.  I have already gone a week without ANY pain at all, then the migraine hits.  I know the weather changes affect my arthritis, and I know they might affect the migraines, but so far they aren’t causing anything with the Fibro.  I will continue to take Cymbalta for the Fibro which keeps the Fibro at bay.

My doctor has already told me that if I get a really severe migraine/headache that the Topamax® doesn’t seem to be working on, that I can take 650 mg of a non-aspirin pain reliever, not ibuprofen or Aleve.  I did that yesterday for the first time.  I came home from work, laid down and slept for about 3 hours.  When I woke up I felt much better.  If the non-aspirin didn’t relieve the headache, she said I should go to the ER.  Thankfully I didn’t have to do that.  But she also said that if I am still experiencing these severe headaches after another month, she is going to refer me to a Neurologist.  All my other tests (blood, xray, etc) were normal.

I am wishing that one day I will wake up and the migraine will be gone and not come back.  I can deal with Fibro, or I should say I have learned to live with it.  But the migraines affect my daily life.  While under the “control” of a migraine, I have difficulty concentrating, memory loss, confusion, and vision difficulties.  The pain also causes my face and head to become very cold from the inside to the outside which can be very uncomfortable.  I have a helmet liner that my husband gave me that I keep in my desk in case it happens at work.  That is in addition to the nausea and loss of appetite.

I’m not looking for sympathy with this post, I’m simply putting my thoughts out there and maybe someone else has the same issues and can relate.  If you do, do you have any suggestions or ideas to help overcome the pain other than medication?

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How Much More Can I Take?

How do you get people to understand the limits one has with Fibromyalgia?  I have memory fog, exhaustion, extremely painful days, sometimes a good day with minimal pain, all at the same time.  I go to work every day.  I have never used Fibro as an excuse to stay home from work, although there were some days that it was very tempting.

The person I work for is not very forgiving, or understanding, or compassionate.  I do my job, some days slower than others, but I still get everything done.  I might not remember the answer as soon as a question is asked, and when you’re dealing with someone who is impatient, that can be an issue.  It’s times like that, that I’m accused of being inefficient, or told that I don’t know what I am doing.  I’ve been at this job for almost 12 years.  The last couple years have given me many challenges with the Fibro.  I also have sleep apnea, which also causes me to be tired at times, especially if I don’t get enough sleep.

The stress this job is putting on me has caused me increased pain, fatigue, flare-ups and restlessness.  But I can’t get anyone to understand that.  My doctor suggested that I find another job with less stress, but who is going to hire me, a 61-year-old woman with health issues.  I can’t stand for more than 10 minutes without getting pain in the hips and feet.  I like what I do, and I’m good at it, but there are times when there is too much thrown at me at one time, and I get overwhelmed.  But of course, that isn’t an excuse.

I can’t wait to retire!

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Good While It Lasted

Well, I had close to 2 weeks pain free.  That was the best 2 weeks I’ve had in a very long time.  But as they say, all good things must end, and we are back to the pain.  I know it has to be the weather.  We had some very mild weather, and now it has turned cold again.  I hope the pain can subside at least a little for New Years.  We have a great time planned with friends and I don’t want my pain to get in the way.

I know it would help if I could get in a hot tub, but that is one of the things I can’t do when I have this pain.  It is very difficult to get up and down from sitting that low.  Hot showers help a bit but not as much as soaking in a nice hot bath.

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WOW!  I have had a full PAIN-FREE week, well pain-free from Fibro.  The arthritis is still there but not as severe as in the past, although this morning when I walked outside into -11 windchill, I felt my knees as if they were outside my body!  Creak, craaaak.  Once I warm up they usually get better.

But I am totally amazed at the absence of the fibro pain for now.  I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth, I’ll take it.  Just don’t know how long it will last.

That’s my positive thought for today.  No more negativity!!!

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If This Is What Autumn Is Like…..

…I don’t know if I will be able to survive Winter. The change in the weather lately has caused me more pain and stiffness than I have had in the past.  So much that I have difficulty typing, holding a cup, or writing because of the pain and stiffness in my hands.  Not to mention that other joints are really screaming whenever I move.  I wish I could make myself a body suit from my electric blanket.  That might help me since it would keep warmth on me while I wear it.

This is the time of year that my allergies and sinuses usually gang up on me, but now add to that the Fibro hell.  I sometimes wonder if I’m being punished for living my life being carefree and having fun.  Now I’m being put in my place by being grounded by my own body.

If I would have known what life was going to throw at me at this time in my life, when I was in my 20’s, and having fun, dancing, going to clubs with my girlfriends, and just living life as most of the girls my age did, I would have done things a little differently.  I might have stayed home more than I did.  But what would that do?  I would miss a night or two a week of dancing, and might not learn that new dance they taught on Tuesday.  I don’t think it would change anything.  I would still get to my life now and still have everything to deal with that I do now.  Hindsight is said to be 20/20, but nothing I might have done differently could or would have prevented my issues.  I have no regrets.  I enjoyed my youth, and wouldn’t change anything about it.

I kept myself in shape.  I rode my 10-speed at least once or twice a week through the park, well at least until I got married.  I was working full-time in the Loop, so I did a lot of walking…to and from the bus, around the downtown area at lunch time, at the lake front. I just kept active.  Dancing on the weekend was always a good calorie burner, and I was on the dance floor almost all night on Friday and Saturday nights.  Sundays were often spent shopping, walking the mall and checking out all the latest fashions.  No shortage of exercise for me then.  But now, I’m lucky if I can walk up two steps without stopping.  My right leg is difficult to lift, causes pain, possibly a groin pull.  I walk through the grocery store, sometimes for an hour, and can hardly make it to my car without stopping to rest my legs for a minute.  My hips and knees burn like you wouldn’t believe if I have to stand in line too long.  I’m a wreck.  I take my meds, get sleep, and yet I have a lot of pain and I’m always tired.  Hopefully the Rheumatologist I am going to see in November will find some new ways for me to cope or maybe come up with a way to alleviate the pain more than my meds do right now.

I don’t mean to complain or whine.  But lately that seems to be the only thing I can do.  So if my writing about this yet incurable ailment upsets you, feel free to stop reading me.  This is my blog, my way to get this out of my head and vent.  It helps a little, but not enough.  I just want to life without pain….I can’t remember what that is like.


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So Far So Good

I am having a “good” Fibro day, in other words, Fibro pain is at a minimum.  That’s not to say good ol’ Art isn’t here.  The knees and ankles are still giving me a bit of trouble.  To see me, you would say I have a “hitch”in my giddyup.  Kind of like Grandpa Mc Coy used to walk, only not as exxagerated as him.  My arm usually just hangs there LOL

So here’s hoping this will hold out all weekend so I can have some fun, and Aleve will keep Art in check for a while.


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It’s hard enough to explain to strangers about having an invisible disease, but when those closest to you don’t understand, it gets a bit frustrating to say the least.  Thank God for my husband, the one person who supports me and knows what I am going through.

I would love it if I could “fix it”, or find someone who could.  I don’t enjoy the pain, the exhaustion, and the lack of enthusiasm to do anything.  I’m tired of sitting on the sidelines while everyone else is having a ball.  I used to be very active, dancing, walking around, going to the pool.  But I haven’t been able to do any of those for quite a while.  Other than the pain, exhaustion is the next most aggravating condition I have to deal with.  I can’t seem to get enough sleep no matter how long I sleep.  It seems like I wake up just as tired as when I went to bed.  I use a CPAP machine, but when my allergies or sinuses are acting up, it’s difficult to breath even with that.  I just ordered some new essential oils that I hope will help.

I remember when I first started having that pain.  Nobody could tell me why.  I had so many tests that I felt like a crash test dummy.  The only test they didn’t do was a CATscan.  I had bone scans, MRI, EMG, Mylogram, you name it.  Nothing showed up.  So this so-called neurologist told me it was in my head.  If anyone should have recognized Fibromyalgia I would think a Neurologist would.  But I think all he wanted was my insurance payments.  When I quit going to him his nurse gave me a very nasty phone call, saying that I could not stop going to him because I still needed his help.  I told her he didn’t help me at all.  I also said that if she called me again I was going to file a complaint with my insurance company for him charging them for checking my reflexes in my knee and nothing else.  And then when he did that it seemed like he would push my leg out from behind my knee instead of my knee doing it.  I know what it is supposed to feel like when reflexes are tested, and this wasn’t it.

I found a new doctor who ran several tests on me for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cancer, MS, Lupus and thryoid problems.  She sent me to a Rheumatologist, and that doctor was who told me what was wrong, put me on Cymbalta, and I have had relief for the most part since then.

Unless you really try, you won’t understand what Fibromyalgia is.  It is constant pain, 24/7/365.  If you stub your toe, the pain goes away eventually.  A person with Fibromyalgia has pain all the time.  Some times are more severe than others, like during a flare up, but it is there nonetheless.

I limp at times, people ask what’s wrong with my leg.  It isn’t my leg; it could be my knee, hip, back or a toe.  It affects the entire body.

Please don’t judge someone just because they don’t “look sick”.  Fibromyalgia is an invisible disease.  There are no external physical signs that it exists, at least not to you.  But it does to the sufferer.  Believe me, I know.

Gentle hugs.lavender_geranium_oil



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Fibromyalgia, Breathing, and Coffee


I have Fibromyalgia.  I have also been having trouble breathing.  Not that I’m out of breath, just don’t feel as if I am getting enough air into my lungs.   This prompted a call to the doctor, who requested I make an appointment to be seen as soon as possible.  This was last Thursday…I went to the doctor today.

My lungs are clear and perfect, BP and oxygen levels are good and no swelling anywhere.  So why do I feel as if I am not getting enough air into my lungs when breathing ? So much that I have frequently taken some very deep breaths, and yawn to get more air.

After talking about my diet, habits, etc., she came up with the most likely cause.  I drink too much coffee.  Yep, that’s right, caffeine is causing my GERD to act up which can also give the feeling of not getting enough air into my lungs.  I take meds for GERD, so I don’t have the symptoms such as heartburn or regurgitation, but there is still an effect it has on the lungs, which, surprise. are located on either side of the esophagus.

My husband also reminded me that about 3 weeks ago I bought a different grind of coffee by accident and we have been drinking it ever since.  It is 100% Colombian, which is a dark roast, something I’m not used to.  Coincidentally, it was about 3 weeks ago that I started having the issue with breathing.  This also is probably the cause for all the flare-ups I have been having, and also the intense joint pain (more than normal).

So, the decision was made that I start cutting back on my coffee/caffeine.  I have to do it slowly, but will eventually try to get down to 2-3 cups of coffee a day.  This, if anyone knows me, is going to be a major challenge.  I am a Java Junkie!  I drink a pot a day at work, and on the weekends my husband and I might go thru 3 or more pots a day.  So major life change in the works.  I don’t drink pop, so I most likely will start drinking more water.  I can have decaf but slowly get accustomed to it.

I knew coffee could cause heartburn and stomach distress, but never thought it would be the cause of my breathing issue, or have an effect on  my joint pain and Fibromyalgia.

I guess it’s true….you learn something new every day!

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I’m Tired of Complaining

I am so tired of being a whiny complainer.  I don’t want to, but it just happens.  I have begun to avoid social settings for several reasons.  One, I don’t know what to say if someone asks me how I am.  If I say fine, they see the pain in my eyes and know I’m not fine.  Two, I have difficulty being in a crowd because of the chance of someone bumping into me.  Three, I am trying to limit the types of foods I eat, like avoiding fats, carbs, gluten, and alcohol.  Anytime there is a party, all those are the main course.  I don’t want to be anti-social, I just have no other way to be when I am in pain like this.

It’s easier for me, and I’m sure on others, if I just keep to myself and read a book or work on my book reviews.  I have a few close friends that understand what I am dealing with and they are very understanding and compassionate, but I also don’t want to feel that they have to spend time with me when they could be out having fun.  I’m ok, I can handle being by myself.  I enjoy the quiet after my hectic work week.  I do enjoy morning coffee on the deck with my friends, and maybe sitting around a camp fire at night.

If I’m alone I can’t complain because there is nobody to hear me.

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A Holiday From Pain

It would be so nice if the Fibro pain could go away for a weekend, a sort of holiday from pain.  I would like that to be this weekend, Memorial Day 2016.

I have plans to relax on my deck at our campsite and read my books, write a few reviews, and visit with friends.  I don’t care if it is raining or not, which they say it will do, I will have my beverage of choice (coffee or iced tea), and I will be protected from the rain because we have a canopy over the deck.  Now wind, that’s another story.  But if it gets too windy I’ll just go inside.  Either way, it will be very relaxing.

I enjoy hearing the rain hit the top of our trailer, especially when I’m getting ready to sleep.  It has a calming affect, although a torrential downpour isn’t quite the same.  I’m talking about a soft, steady rain, maybe some distant rumbles of thunder, and a light breeze rustling the trees.  Nothing smells sweeter than the air after a storm.  I’ve heard that it’s the nitrogen that the lightening puts out that cleans the air.

There are a lot of activities going on this weekend at our campground, but the only one I will probably participate in is the poker run on Saturday.  There’s money to win!  Then on Sunday I have my massage.  I’m there to rest and recover from the daily stress of life.  There are some who spend a lot of their time working on their sites, cutting grass, pulling weeds, tending to flower beds.  Not me.  It’s a rustic, wooded campground, not a subdivision in the suburbs.

I have my wind-chimes and that’s all the decoration I need.  One of my favorite wind-chimes is my bamboo one.  It is so nice to hear when the wind hits it, not tinny, just a very soft sound.  There are others, I think I have about 6 or 7 right now, and they all have a distinctive sound.  Very peaceful.

Hoping for a Happy and pain free Memorial Day weekend for everyone!


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